Team Alpha

Alpha Team is a "Fortnite Clan" that's growing constantly. We look to be competitive and have normal members who would like to relax, meet new people, and play. Press the "application" button to get an application template to fill out then post it in discord.

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More information is held in the public discord such as meetings or who is joining/leaving.

If you would like to apply press the "links" tab on the top left. Then press on the application button and fill out the forum. you will be in trial or just part of the team determining your answers. If you are in trial you need to join the discord so we can move you to a support room. Then you will be added on fortnite and your trial may begin.

Ban Appeal

A Ban Appeal is to Appeal or show why you should get your  ban revoked. And when you do so we will decide of it should be revoked or not.

Main Category

Questions / Suggestions

This page is for asking questions about Alpha Team or about what you guys should suggest to us to make Alpha Team better.

This is about The Application Forums and what will it be like and what it is.

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